2004-Sculpture and Painting Group Exhibition, Mes Negar Gallery,Tehran,Iran
2004-Group exhibition of jahad university of tehran professors,bahman Art and culture center,tehran-iran
2005-Printmaking Group Exhibition, Artist’s House Gallery, Tehran,Iran
2006-Group exhibition aria gallery,tehran-iran
2006-Group exhibition of print making and painting.istambul
2007-Printmaking Group Exhibition,Laleh Art Gallery, Tehran,Iran
2007-Participating and being honnoured in the biennial of
contemporary arts, Melborn, Australia
2008-Drawing and Painting Group Exhibition, Niavaran Art and
Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran
2007-Group exhibition members of society of painters,saad abd
2007-Group exhibition of society of painters about effect
of litereture on painting,Artists' house,tehran-iran
2007-participating in first biennail of printmaking,tehran-iran
2007-participating in expo of china
2008-participating in biennail of painting,saba musum,tehran-iran 2008-Participating and being honnoured in the first
international Printmaking biennial, Istanbul, Turkey

Appreciation in Drawing Biennale, Tehran Museum of
Contemporary Art , 2000
Award of Honor, Miniature Biennale, Tehran Museum of ContemporaryArt, 1997 , 1997
Award of Honor, Miniature Biennale, Tehran Museum of ContemporaryArt, 1999 , 1999
chosen of annual manifestto of ohaio,USA,2007 , 1999
chosen and winner of award of honnor,first international specialy bienal of print making,istambul,2008

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