Mehrdad Khataei


These pictures that are framed by an analog camera, with no exception are taken in different trips. The main characteristics of them are sharp contrast of colors, unusual compositions, ambiguity of forms and emphasize on the white spaces which are located in specific places.

Drawing has been always my mental apprehension. Therefore I have constantly thought about its relation with my chalcography works.
The present drawing collection is considered as a significant introduction to my chalcography works, which expresses the observation manner to the present society, psychoanalysis of surrounded characters and perception of visual elements in chalcography.
It is worth to mention that these drawings passed their practicing phase and at this moment they have an effect on the structure of chalcography works.

The main motivation of this collection raised by my continual visits of the mortuary of Beheshte Zahra, as well as the impression which those tiny glass rooms created in my mind.
Outside of these glass rooms, every one, and in fact, every one is able to take an inquiring (?) look inside. The only requisite of this gazing was tolerating both the camphor essence and the coldness of bathroom like tiles of these tiny rooms.
I made an effort to create an appropriate combination between this atmosphere and the chaotic tumult of my mind.

Print makings
This collection has a more realistic definition than my previous works. It means that I tried to take a more subtle look to my surrounding life. Consequently uninvited nostalgic features along with novel insights about generic state of man and woman had penetrated into these works.
Harmonious movement of this view point with the new transformations of chalcography brought me new experiments. The independent configuring of visual characteristic in chalcography can be considered as part of these experiments.

Mini Prints
These print works (chalcography) belongs to previous phases of my work, the time that I began to study composition in a more serious way. This collection was formed under the impression of Milan Kundera’s works and the concept of Totalitarism.
(Unidentification of human being in the modern society that doubts all individual qualities and characteristics)